September 27, 2023

Bringing Christmas Joy to Acres Home

By Nick Jones

HOUSTON – Communications Workers of America 6222 along with the Transportation Workers of America  held their annual Christmas Tree Giveaway and Toy Drive at  He Heard My Cry Christian Fellowship Church.

            Thanks to Houston rapper and philanthropist Trae tha Truth and his organization,  Relief Gang – Angel by Nature fifty needy families in the Acres Home community received a tree complete with a stand and all the ornaments.

            When asked why he chooses to selflessly help others, Trae tha Truth says “We’re here for the people.  At the end of the day a lot of people need assistance and sometimes just to know that (other) people care.”

            Inside the church, located at 1333 Judiway Street, there was a huge amount of toys brought in by community leaders including U.S. Congressman Al Green and members of the community to be distributed to those families that can really use this blessing.  He Heard My Cry’s  Pastor Claude Cummings, III summed it up well.  “During the holiday season, we encourage people to give and we are so blessed today.”


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