September 24, 2023

Breast Cancer Survivor Latonya Payne

Did you know that Breast Cancer is one of the top cancers that makes up majority of the population of deaths worldwide?

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness for the month of October, a local Houstonian Latonya Payne, not only was diagnosed with breast cancer, but lived through it and walked out clean on the other side of life, making her a two-time champ against the deadly cancer.

The battle inside the boxing ring wasn’t an easy fight for her, in fact there have been many days and nights Payne didn’t know if she could last round after round. By keeping God first and having family and friends there to support her through chemo, radiation, and check-ups, this made the boxing ring feel smaller. Payne went on to say, “My strength came from God first and foremost being able to communicate with him and knowing that you will get through this, was the first step to a healthy recovery.”

This make sense because in the darkest moments of a person’s life, who can they really call on besides the one and only God? Prior to being diagnosed, Payne was living her life the best way she could. Payne is the type of person that is selfless, kind-hearted, loving, and will help anyone out if she could.

Through it all, Payne has been a warrior, a pioneer, and being resourceful is her best attribute. August of 2016 is when her life changed as she was diagnosed with triple negative stage cancer 2b. After first hearing the news, Payne was in a state of shock, and she fought tooth and nails to get herself free from cancer. Making it to the next round in the ring and her back against the ropes, Payne was cancer free. But later in September 2021, Payne had received a new diagnosis of breast cancer. Triple negative stage cancer 1a, and just like that, she found herself in the boxing ring again fighting for her life once more.

With no family history of breast cancer, Payne was even more in a state of shock. “Initially because I wasn’t aware of what to except, I was afraid of the unknown.” Payne also went on to say, “After I got over my first treatment, I just developed anxiety with the fear of recurrence. As breast cancer survivors, that’s something we always have to deal with.” She was powerful to admit her fears but even more powerful to have the ability to face it head on.

Breast cancer is one of the top leading cancers that leads to a high number of deaths because it’s more common for people to get it.

Payne is a walking example of having her back against the ropes and finding the courage to last in the fight round after round. Today, she’s a member of a local support group in Houston that she attends weekly with other survivors. She also attends church and keep her family and friends close to her now that she completely free from cancer. Payne also encourages women all over to stay positive and get your regular monograms check- ups. Please stay informed at all times because breast cancer can force anyone into the boxing ring.


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