September 24, 2023

Black women protecting families in more ways than one

By: N. L. Preston

During a time when many feel that Texas is well on its way to become the new “Wild, Wild West,” many Black families are making sure their households are protected. A new wave of protectors, reminiscent of the original Black Panther Party are focusing on health, wealth, safety and PROTECTION of their rights, their land and their freedom.

Thanks to Governor Greg Abbott, Texans can now carry a handgun in public without a permit or the background check and training the state previously required.  The new “permitless carry” or “constitutional carry” law lauded by gun rights advocates has made many, including law enforcement officers, fearing what could happen when messages get mixed and situations become volatile and people in compromised situations feel it’s their right to shoot. Also, having the guns in public can make an officer’s job more dangerous than it already is.

But — in the wake of mass shootings — is it a way to further protect ourselves? If so, how do we ensure the guns are in the right hands?

We may not ever have the answers for that, but one thing is for certain – many Black families are not willing to be “sitting ducks” at the hands of the government or overzealous people. They are making moves to protect their families — safely — with the proper education and training. And surprisingly, many Black women are stepping into the forefront.

African-American News&Issues reached out to Natural Sekhmet P. after seeing social media posts of her engaged in physical fitness training, shooting classes and her loving interactions with her proud Black family. We wanted to know more about this woman who was clearly involved in “a movement.”

AANI: Tell us about yourself.

Natural: My name is Natural Sekhmet P.  I am a wife of a lucky handsome Black God, and mother of five beautiful children.

AANI: We’ve been following your journey on Facebook and I see women empowerment, Black pride, etc.  Please describe “the movement” you are a part of.

Natural: I do a lot of community work here in Houston, which is a very rewarding and a humbling. I love giving back to the community and do this by joining organizations to feed the homeless, help families in need by providing food, clothing, and information to multiple resources as needed. One organization I am a member of teaches self-defense training, education of gun laws and we also practice our right to bear arms. I strongly agree with and follow the 2nd amendment law to the fullest.

AANI: What other causes are you passionate about?

Natural: I am very passionate about helping women and children in domestic violence situations. This is very important to me being a victim of domestic violence in the past. One organization I was affiliated with provided domestic violence victims with a safe haven in their time of need. Our women and children need to know that they are loved and protected. Uplifting and encouraging our Black people is a passion of mine.  If we don’t love and protect one another, who will?

AANI: What types of trainings do you do?

Natural: I love physical fitness! Boxing is great to relieve stress and built- up tension. It is something about hitting that punching bag or pads that is extremely satisfying lol. I practice Montu Arts (Martial Arts) and kickboxing in my spare time. I use yoga and meditation to clear the heart and mind.

AANI: How do you feel about the new “permitless carry” law in Texas?

Natural: I do believe in (legally) carrying at all times. Everyone should be aware of their surroundings. Paying attention to small details can save your life.  I believe that if you purchase a weapon, learn gun safety, get the proper training needed to operate your weapon and educate yourself on your state laws as well as any state you travel to. I would also suggest that you still get the permit in order to travel from state to state. Different states have different gun laws.

AANI: What do you feel is the best way of protecting ourselves, protecting the Black family?

Natural: Self-defense is a must! Whether you are a man, woman, or child, it is necessary.  Anything can happen at any given time so we must be trained to react quickly but think clearly. I began teaching my children how to defend themselves at a very young age, the importance of being able to and why.

As for protecting our Black families, first off, we have to love one another enough to do what is right and necessary to remain a family! The Black family should not be formed only out of love. A family’s focus should be to build together financially and accumulate generational wealth.  We have to get out of that mind frame of living for today and focus on building a legacy.

AANI: What are your ideals on parenting?

Natural: Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and it takes lots of patience. You may experience these side effects from parenting — stress, the bubbly feeling of love, and missing patches of hair (that you frustratingly pull out your own head).

I am always open and honest with my children. I didn’t give them the talk about the “stork delivering cute bundles of joy” to the mother’s doorstep. When they were old enough to understand, I explained to them where “babies came from ” and how they were made. I prepared them for the world. One thing I had to prepare them for was reality. Part of that reality was preparing them for racism, police brutality and injustice. Speak to your children but listen to them as well. Keep a line of communication open at all times and ensure them that it is safe to express their feelings in a respectful manner. Be firm when needed and tell them you love them daily. Remember that no matter what you taught or instilled in them, they will choose their own path whether you agree with their choices or disagree.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, pat yourself on the back and know that you did the best you can.

AANI: What do you think is the true definition of “Black Love?”

Natural: I can give you two different ways to look at “Black Love.” Black love can be the love we have for our brothers and sisters of the same race/skin tone. Black love can be the love between a Black King and Queen. Black love to me is powerful and sexy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment. Black love is you and that person against the world. It can be filled with laughter, friendship and, at times, heart ache and pain. Realizing that you and your spouse aren’t perfect people but perfect for each other. Once you realize that, it becomes easier. Too many black men and women fight against each other instead of realizing their power and presence just being together. Nothing is more beautiful and exotic than “black on black” skin.

AANI: What have you learned during the pandemic?

Natural:  The COVID-19 pandemic was very unexpected, but it came with a valuable lesson. Many weren’t prepared for such a tragic situation.  Health insurance is extremely important as well as your overall health.  So many people found themselves without work. It is smart to stay stocked up on supplies, such as non-perishable foods, water, first aid supplies, camping equipment, cleaning supplies, vitamins as well as ammunition. These items became very limited and hard to find.

A good way to always be prepared is to keep a packed “bug out bag” to carry in the event of an emergency. A bug out bag can be a backpack, tactical backpack, etc. A simple bug out bag can be filled with bandages, band-aids, a multi-too, water filtration system, paracord, tent, sleeping bag, anti-bacterial wipes, painkillers, matches, medications needed.

 AANI: How can we find out more about you?

 Natural: I am the owner and CEO of Eye Create LLC. I create unique handmade jewelry, nose cuffs, waist beads, beauty and skin care and so much more! You can find my online store at, EYE CREATE LLC on Etsy and follow us on Instagram at @eye.createllc.

We thank you, my sister. Stay Black, Stay Proud!

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