September 28, 2023

Black realtors host gala to help COVID victims; recognize industry leaders

HOUSTON – It’s been no secret that Blacks have been among the hardest hit health-wise and financially during the pandemic, and the Black realtors want to do their part to support the community in which they serve.

This past year has been a true trial for Houston and our nation and there are still so many in need who lost loved ones, lost jobs, are facing looming foreclosures and evictions, and missed weddings and graduations, but help is on the way. The HBREA Bi-Annual gala is using a portion of its proceeds to help families get back on their feet, in addition to providing scholarships to deserving students who have gone through so much during the pandemic yet soared academically. HBREA IS celebrating 72 years of service on June 24, 2021 at its gala themed “Rise and Shine!

For 72 years, the Houston Black Real Estate Association (HBREA) has served the Greater Houston Community and been a leader in educating minority communities in homeownership. From advocating for Fair Housing Opportunities and Fair Lending Laws, to Community Development and Housing Construction, to developing Citywide FREE Housing Fair models and Community FREE Financial Education workshops, HBREA is involved.

HBREA recognized the need to do more to help those most impacted by the pandemic in its area and established the HBREA COVID Relief Fund for Families. HBREA also added additional opportunities for more scholarship recipients, with both categories to be awarded as part of this year’s gala. The awards ceremony will also shine a bright light on those in the industry, awarding the Top 20 Black Real Estate Professionals for the first time at the gala.

For tickets to attend the event, visit

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