‘Black Love’ under attack in AmeriKKKa

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By: Roy Douglas Malonson

Ever since they brought us to AmeriKKKa in chains, they’ve been on a mission to emasculate the Black man and tear apart our families. And while in slavery, they categorized us as nothing more than “stud breeders” and our women as livestock for ownership purposes.

Not once, not ever, did they realize our ancestors had souls.  Their children had souls. And their future offspring – WE – were souls waiting to be born free.

Free to love. Free to live. Free to just “be.”

Have you ever heard of the “Double consciousness” of the American Negro Male? It is about the internal “twoness” of our men struggling with “the strange meaning of being Black” with describing the “spiritual world” and the “spiritual strivings” of “the American Negro.”

The concept is often associated with William Edward Burghardt (W.E.B.) Du Bois, who introduced the term into social and political thought, famously, in his groundbreaking “The Souls of Black Folk” (1903).

To tear a man down, you must first conquer his soul. You must chip away at it one piece at a time, until there is a hole that can hardly ever be repaired. The way to kill a man’s soul, is to take away his woman and family.

For generations – no matter what, no matter how dark the days were, there was always a proud Black man leading his family. Whether he was a slave, a pullman porter, a dishwasher, a carwash attendant or a revolutionary, Black men came home after a long hard day of work to the wife and kids waiting to help him take off his shoes.

That is — until poverty and recessions left a path of financial devastation and the “public welfare system” stepped in claiming to provide a “lifeline” of help to Black women and kids with one exception — the Black husband and father had to be removed from their lives.

Welfare workers would walk around the homes of the mothers, checking in pantries and closets to make sure the women would not have “fancy” appliances (like televisions, etc.) or any men’s clothing, ensuring that there was no male presence in the house.

And as the Black women became “dependent” on the system, the Black man became resentful of the women they felt turned their backs on them. And the cycle began to turn over and over, and over again.

Then the shift happened. Black women began getting more opportunities in Corporate America, out-educating and outranking their male counterparts. The government has been systematically been working to drag the Black man into non-existence, locking them up in prisons, keeping them

But now we are back in a ‘Black Love’ revolution. With the power of social media promoting images of the Black love and the Black family unit, and the POWER OF THE BLACK MAN leading his family once again, the BLACK WOMAN is once again by his side pulling with all her might to help.

AmeriKKKa is something we can’t worry about anymore. We only need to focus on our Black America, with stronger families, stronger businesses, stronger kids, and stronger LOVE. There’s nothing like that Black Love. And there is nothing we can or cannot do – as long as we stick together. –AANI