September 22, 2023

Black Excellence: Angel and Butterscotch make history!

HOUSTON – We always love it when a teen is doing amazing things, and we especially love it when they make BLACK HISTORY at the same time.

Aldine ISD’s Nimitz Senior High School student Angel Allen served an amazing dose of “Black Excellence” when she took home top honors at the 61st annual Livestock Show and Auction earlier this year.

Future Farmers of America (FFA) students and their livestock animals filled the floor of the arena of the M.O. Campbell Educational Center (MOC) to show off their prized possessions.

Angel was named this year’s “Grand Champion,” which is the highest honor a competitor in the show can earn. Angel is also the first African American woman to receive the honor.

Angel lovingly raised her steer, “Butterscotch,” for nine months, and was paid $16,500 in the Aldine ISD Sale of Champions auction after her win. The monies received by winning students are usually used for college.

The Sale of Champions produced $202,0771.

Salute! Congratulations Angel.


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