October 1, 2023

Are You A Woman

Let’s Talk,

There has been so much conversation on all kinds of media outlets about men touching women or showing any kind of affection towards a woman that they did not, according to them, seek.  For some women, that may be true.  But for most women that is not true.  This may be a new day according to some.  There is no new day.  Every day is the same.  Women have always known what they want and what they will accept.  Some of you are probably saying, oh he or she does not know what they are talking about.  Yes, I know what I am talking about.  I realize some of you have been harassed, mistreated and threatened.  That is not what the average man or woman is about.

Some people are just affectionate.  They truly care about others and are willing to share a hug, a kiss, a pat, what they believe shows you that they care about you.  We have gone so far with this nonsense that they don’t even want another person to have due process when someone says they have been touched or harassed.  Where is our sense of reality?  Do we not know or remember when all a woman had to do was say they were raped, looked at them the wrong way and that man was lynched?  It was a sport.  There was no due process.  Is that what women want today?  Women are not understanding the cost of this craziness.  Women of color need to wake up and understand what is going on in our country.  We cannot be a part of this craziness.  We must believe in due process.  Just because someone says something happened does not mean that it happened.  Unless it is proven in a Court of Law and beyond a reasonable doubt then it does not rise to the level of destroying people’s lives.

We must stop destroying each other with either public jokes, providing our thoughts on the media about how wrong this person is when we have no evidence of their wrong doing and they have not been charged and convicted in a Court of Law.  Whenever a man of color receives the same opportunity as other men in the Justice System then something is wrong.  They must be punished.  Look at what happened in Chicago recently.  Because the criminal justice system could not convict a young man of color on the evidence they had, they dismissed the charges.  That happens all day, every day in America for nonblack and people of means.  Nothing is said and it is not on the television each news cycle.  It is over and it is fine.  But when they can’t prove a man of color did what they kept saying every news cycle for days, then he must be punished because we spent public funds.  Public funds were spent dependent on what the police and city administration decided to spend. Those were their decisions.  We are sometimes so dishonest about what we do.  You make decisions you have to live with them.

To women, be a woman.  A WOMAN knows she does not want the affection and attention of any man or woman.  A WOMAN also knows how to say STOP, DON’T DO THAT.  A WOMAN does not wait 2,3,20, 30 or 1,2, or 3 days to say she was wronged.  If she is a WOMAN, she speaks up and defends herself.  She is not malicious or self-serving.  Are you a woman?

-Anonymous, Houston


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