September 27, 2023

April D. Taylor

April D Taylor, the Chief Executive Officer of The SVE Firm, was an integral player in the success of the HBCU All Star Game. She serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the HBCU All-Star Game. “As the COO, I get to ensure we are curating next level experiences for the interns and the players and fans.” This mission was accomplished! The HBCU All Star Game was an extraordinary success and accomplished their goals.

According to Mrs. Taylor, “This was an amazing experience. We have had over 375 applicants in the internship program that I run and had over 50 interns representing over 20 institutions. The HBCU experience is something everyone should experience.” It is her passion to create opportunities for HBCU scholars and raise scholarship money to ensure they receive a quality HBCU education. We salute you Mrs. Taylor and appreciate all your hard work to guarantee our HBCU community gets every opportunity to ensure our scholars’ success.


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