America Moving Forward

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By Billy “Hollywood” Groves

With the Democrats winning the U.S. House of Congress in the recent 2018 mid- term elections, the statement has been made that America is speaking back to Trump and letting him know, “We the people” are coming together. We all have seen the disrespect Trump has displayed against African Americans and other people of color. This is not “Fake News”, we are in the gravest govern- mental time in American history since the Civil War.

The mid-term elections looked good for Democrats all over the most populated areas of America. Although the Republicans maintained their control of the U.S. Senate, the people of America spoke out “loudly” with their votes against Trump in this election.

“Pat yourself on the back”, if you voted, if you helped others to vote, if you registered people to vote or just encouraged people to vote. Whatever you did to help all of these great democrats get into political offices and positions of power, you deserve big time kudos!

I’ve always said that there are more true God-fearing real Americans of all colors and religions than there are evil racist divisive people in America. In many areas of this nation, where Trump won in the 2016 elections, those places flipped over to the Democrats. Those Americans have come to realize that Trump was and is, taking America in the wrong direction.

A prime example of that negative direction was recently displayed by Trump when he openly disrespected not one, but three African American female news reporters who asked him news information. Additionally, during his time in office, we have seen Trump speak badly to and about African Americas and other people that he doesn’t like. The Democrats spoke well with their votes; they know that if we don’t vote these un-patriotic racist people out of our government; our country will seriously face the threat of becoming a “Third World Government”. Seriously speaking, what other world leader of a true democracy, acts the way Trump does? There is no one doing what this man has and is still doing. I’ve noticed that when the media puts pressure on Trump for some of the crazy actions that he has done or is doing, he starts to speak or tweet crazy, insane things that draw the world’s attention from what he is accused of to something totally different. I think in times past this was called “creating a smoke screen”. Fortunately, the “Blue Wave” of American voters have opened the door to legally controlling this president in many ways, including the recommendation for impeachment.

I am truly proud to say that I got to see many, many more people in East Texas vote for Democrats than I’ve ever seen before. This was accomplished in spite of the gerrymandering that has taken place in Texas voting districts which have been set up “on-sided” against democratic voters.

I will end this article by congratulating every Democrat who ran for a political office whether they won or lost, because they won a victory for the Democratic party by energizing their voting base, thus getting us prepared for the future and elections.