September 28, 2023

Amazing Regeneration

By: Billy “Hollywood” Groves

As I observe, daily, how we as the country of America are handling all the negative activities around the world and within our nation these days; I can only describe the approach we are taking as an “Amazing Regeneration” toward our battle against evil.

Having lived on this planet and in America for a long time, I’m very proud of American and how, as a nation, it has fought and won many battles against the evil forces and sins that have attacked and plagued us. I truly believe and know that God created America as a God-fearing nation with an assignment to combat evil and expand Godly behavior over the planet.  I know that God has strengthened his people both males and females to accomplish this work.

It has been an “Amazing Regeneration”, by true Americans of all colors and backgrounds, working together and winning.  They are genuinely faithful and true team members for God.

Although I often hear “Fake News” people and other haters telling their lies about violence, deadly gun behavior, that we are seeing and hearing about across our nation, mostly with the intend of improving their financial status and political positions. We know the real fact is, most of the weapons that are being used in these violent and deadly attacks are often related to the evil people who speak so strongly against these attacks.

This is where the “Amazing Regeneration” of Americans has helped and continues to work against those “Devils” who are promoting gun violence.

Also, lest we forget, violence is a threat to our democracy, our voting rights, our living rights and the education and development of our youth.  However, we take comfort in knowing that we do have enough brave, Godly people on this planet to maintain the safety of America and the world. God Bless America!


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