September 29, 2023

Aldine & METRO Bus Shelter Design Project

ALDINE ISD -Eight teams from three Aldine ISD high schools have been selected to participate in METRO’s bus shelter design project.

Six teams from Blanson CTE High School and one team each from Eisenhower High School and Nimitz High School are taking part in the project.

The eight teams will present their bus shelter designs at METRO on Tuesday, April 23 at METRO headquarters. The overall winner will be announced by METRO President and CEO Tom Lambert on May 4 at the M.O. Campbell Educational Center.

Aldine ISD was the only school district in Houston to participate in this project. The eight teams researched and designed potential bus shelters. The teams used 3-D printers to present their designs. In addition, the teams had to submit a one to two-page analysis and description of their projects, provide a half-page description of what materials would be needed to construct the shelter and the teams had to provide a budget of how much the materials and labor would cost to build their respective shelters.

Additionally, the teams had to provide information on the aesthetics of their projects, such as how their shelters would protect passengers from the elements, while still being appealing to the eye.

Fifty teams competed at the district level before the eight were chosen to participate in the project.

The eight teams competing are:
Blanson Team 1 – Mario Trevizo, Luis Cruz, Daniel Jimenez, Hector Gonzales, and Jonathan Hartfield (teacher Laura Alberici Da Barbiano)
Blanson Team 2 – Alexander Guel, Jaylen Marek, Antonio Gutierrez, and Jonah Williams (teacher Laura Alberici Da Barbiano)
Blanson Team 3 – Violeta Alvarado, Abigail Rivera, Jaqueline Lara, Roberto Esquivel and Edgar Vazquez (teacher Laura Alberici Da Barbiano)
Blanson Team 4 – Jose Villafuerte, Briseida Rojo, and Botello Gerardo (teacher Laura Alberici Da Barbiano)
Blanson Team 5 – Danny Champassack, Joshua Garcia, Alexis Cruz and Connor Carpenter (teacher Laura Alberici Da Barbiano)
Blanson Team 6 – Dylan Hastings, Rojelio Rodriguez, Genesis Gonzales and Jose Castro (teacher Kimberly Kiser)
Eisenhower team – Sergio Garcia, Eliezar Guillen and Hector Baltaza (teacher Remelia Arpino)
Nimitz team – Steven Sisavath, Adaina Houston, Jonathan Reyes, Isabel Rivas and Abigail Tack (teacher Daniel Krall)

Brad Kaplan, a digital learning specialist with the district, helped organize the project between METRO and Aldine ISD.

Photo Credit:  Michael Keeney

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