September 28, 2023

After Buffalo, Is There A Way Forward?

“Baseless rumors about possible racial troubles are being circulated by loose- tongue, thoughtless people.

There is no plan for any outbreak or riot in the Houston area on Saturday June 19th, or any other time.

The police and the Federal authorities have thoroughly investigated every rumor that they can trace and have found no basis for any of them. A group of well-known white and colored Houstonians on investigation has confirmed these statements.

We urge you don’t do Hitler’s work. Stop circulating rumors, which create tenseness and interfere with war production and attend to your own business.

The colored people of this vicinity are entitled to celebrate their traditional Juneteenth holiday Saturday pleasantly and in peace, and the fact they gather for their customary celebration on that day is no evidence of any of any intention on their part to create a disturbance. Law enforcement authorities are prepared to deal with thoughtless hoodlums, white or colored, who provoke trouble.

Houston Blue – Roth and Kennedy

We are depending on our elected officials and lawmakers and law enforcement to protect our holy day- Juneteenth from domestic terrorists. This piece is stimulated by the angst and trauma in the Black community.

A home boy that I was potty trained with called me and lamented the unending assaults on Black people following the Buffalo Massacre. At the bottom of his angst, was a larger question about the problem of evil. He posited that White people were innately evil and there was not any real hope for change.

Let me share elements of this conversation. First, I explained that Buffalo was the pits. We could lament but shouldn’t have fits. Eruption of racial violence are perennial, and they happen fast, but we partially recover, and the perpetrators don’t last. In a superhuman way, aided by the divine, we go back to living our lives. What is happening now with racial violence against Blacks, Jews, brown people and yellow people does not rise to past peak levels in our tormented and beautiful history. This is not an apology statement nor a consolation.

I am thinking about the Red Summer of 1919 when angry White mobs attacked Black people in East St. Louis and Chicago. Indiscriminately killing and terrorizing. It just so happened that Black troops were home from the war and used their military skills to repulse the uncivilized mobs.

I am thinking of the surrendering Black militias of Colfax, Louisiana after Reconstruction. Terrorist mobs murder between 55 and 160 Black men and threw their corpses into the Red River. When will we SAY THEIR NAMES?

I am thinking of Rev. Frederick Douglas Kirpatrick with Brother Sims of Bogalusa and Jonesboro, Louisiana. They locked and loaded and face down the Klan in the early 60’s.

I am thinking of the many Black communities that went into a self-defense mode after the Federal authorities collapsed after being punked by local White citizen’s mobs. These self-defense committees were fed up with being led down the turn the other cheek path.

And now the cruel irony. During most weekends in major citizens throughout the country, Black America disintegrates. Abandoned and misguided brothers, hyped on gangster rap and criminal enterprises kill hundreds of women, children and young men. The recent Buffalo carnage is multiplied as the jump out boys keep the undertakers busy and mothers and families grieving.

Let’s speak the truth to each other. We don’t really mind being killed by Black perpetrators, but we freak out when the perpetrator is a sick 18-year-old White boy that is controlled by strings from mainstream media and sadistic politicians.

Let us get angry and take to the streets about stray bullets killing three- and eleven-year-olds in their bedrooms and cars. The government can help but can’t stop the Black rage acting out on our families, neighbors and friends. The solution is that the Black community must build our way out of the misplaced aggression.

Thus, we have resources to intel the White supremacist and Black wanna- be gangsters. We can infiltrate their ranks and stop them before their kill, in many cases. We can root our Timothy McVeigh’s and Dylan Roof by smart law enforcement. But is there a sufficient commitment, Attorney General Merrick Garland.


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