September 25, 2023


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A majority of the inheritances of African-Americans intended for descendants, friends and loved ones have gone “unclaimed by the Millions”. MDL 1206 “unclaimed Check payments are currently still waiting to be claimed by us”.

What: MDL 1206 is the Federal Court case where the battle has already been won in your favor. This is the most important history making Federal Court case related to unclaimed money, land, mineral rights, wells and African-American Royalty Interest Owners. Each check identifies: land, mineral rights and money supported by signed lease agreements, trust accounts, safe deposit boxes and other assets and interests that had or has oil and gas wells producing on it.

Who: The Oil & Gas Companies already done the research and title examination. Oil companies submit MDL 1206 names to the court and check the list of Absent Royalty Interest Owners. The checks’ names are related to freed slaves – our Ancestors’ 2nd, 3nd and 4th generations, descendants, beneficiaries, heirs, (Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Great – Great Grandparents). WHY? “Checks are unclaimed”? Because the Owners could not be found by the last known address, moved or died, so heirs just do not know.

How: Simple! Create your own list of (over 30 or more) family members names/addresses and match them against the MDL 1206 list. If you find or connect any name(s). GO – FILE – A – CLAIM.

Conclusion: MDL 1206 would benefit the well-being and welfare growth of the African-American community, the fundamental inherent dignity human rights to own and not be arbitrarily deprived of property and protect the family interests for their posterity legacies. Heirs you have a duty to reclaim what the Ancestors would have claimed for themselves.

Knowledge is your right, control is a right and power; pass the message on, Pay It Forward. Freed slaves went through much worse and still took risk. Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, now us. So, please be PATIENT and STAND!

Deborah Wilkerson

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