September 30, 2023

Accountability Part IV: Clergy

By Roy Douglas Malonson

I often say, ‘I have a P-P’! That is to say, I have a problem with preachers and politicians. Now, don’t get me wrong because some of my best friends, just so happen to be preachers and politicians; and I don’t cut no corners with them either. But the reason, I have a problem with preachers is because they have more power, influence and persuasion over Our People and others.

Many of them have the resources to help Our Communities, as well as, the ability to speak Out about the things that matter most to us. But instead, they are too busy coming into the community and taking the people’s money, screaming and hollering at them for a few minutes, and then leave the community with Our People still suffering. Time-Out! We have got to hold our religious officials accountable in every way.

We MUST Understand Our people are in a terrible condition and if that state is to ever change, it has to start with US seeing and protecting after Our Own. Some of these religious leaders will pass by members from Our Communities and see the pain and keep going about their lives as usual. This has to stop! We MUST hold them accountable. What good is it to preach righteousness to Our People and not live up to it? And since I’m on the subject, that brings another term into the equation. O ye Hyprocrites!

Now, for those who don’t know what a hypocrite is, I will enlighten you. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a hypocrite is, “A person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion.” I felt it necessary to associate this term with Our clergy members and religious leaders because it is something we see so much in the religious world.

We MUST Understand the church has always been a major cornerstone in the Black community. It was in the Black church that many of US first received some type of education. As a matter of fact, there was a time when the only place Black folks could gain any type of education was in the Black church. But today, not only are we losing all of the resources and value that used to come out of the Black church, we are losing ourselves in the process. So, clergy members… I’m calling you OUT and sounding the alarm that it is time for YOU to be Accountable to Our People!

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