September 27, 2023

A Day At The RS Deer Ranch

On Monday, May 16th Commissioner Jack Cagle (Pct. #4), Paul Shanklin Commissioner’s Cagle’s Intergovernmental Liaison Professional, Perry Wooten Political Director for the Baptist Ministers’ Association and myself the editorial writer visited the Malonson White-Tail Deer Ranch in Waller County. The RS Deer Ranch is a sprawling 251-acre outdoor paradise, and a marvelous sight to behold. Hence, the RS Deer Ranch is an ideal Field Trip venue for public school and college students as well as a deer hunter’s paradise, including overnight accommodations. The editorial writer highly recommends the Deer Ranch experience. Roy and Shirley Ann Malonson are perfect hosts.

Those of us who know Roy know that he is a straight-shooting professional who says what is exactly on his mind. On the other hand, Commissioner Cagle is a class-act statesman with an unparalleled God conscience that is spiritually grounded in effective and quality oriented public service, not a slick politician. During our entire four-hour visit, Roy continually tried to exact an adverse negative response from the Commissioner by talking plenty of smack, but the Commissioner never took the bait. Commissioner Cagle remained cool, calm, and collected throughout the visit. More importantly, Commissioner Cagle has a Servant Heart. For example, on one occasion we were having lunch with Cagle and some pastoral leaders, and one of the Pastors mentioned to me that an elderly parishioner had transitioned into glory and had no insurance. I suggested to my Pastoral friend that he ask commissioner Cagle whether Harris County has a Pauper’s Burial Assistance Program. In less than five minutes time the Commissioner contacted his office and arranged through the Harris County’s Pauper’s Burial Program for the elderly parishioner to be buried in the County’s Cemetery. On another occasion recently Bridging the Digital Divide, a non-profit organization that is committed to Digital Inclusion asked the Commissioner to sponsor some low-income apartment children to attend the Globe Trotters Basketball Game and without hesitation he assisted.

At the conclusion of our exhilarating experience at the RS Deer Ranch we took a photo opt. The Commissioner presented Roy and his wife Shirley Ann with a Community Public Service Award.  As a spiritually fitting ending to the occasion, I suggested that the Commissioner pray. Initially, Roy was hesitant to participate, but after Commissioner Cagle began to pray the presence of God touched Roy, and he joined the prayer group, touching and agreeing on one accord. Houston, prayer changes things, attitudes, minds, perspectives, and hearts. After the Commissioner left, Roy said to me, “He’s Alright”. Faithfully, if you are resident of Commissioner’s Court Precinct #4, and you do not know Commissioner Cagle, get to know him I promise that you will not be disappointed, and in November consider casting a godly vote for a godly public servant. Amen!






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