September 28, 2023


Normalizing abnormality

Prostituting the truth is abnormality to the nth degree, because when individuals prostitute the truth they normalize abnormality and deviancy (sin). Christian Right Evangelicals, The GOP and White Nationalists Groups have become skilled professionals at normalizing the abnormal (lies, exclusion and sin) for White Privilege, because they desire something for nothing. Prostituting the truth is …

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The Mendacity of the GOP

Christian Right Evangelicals, GOP, and White Nationalists stand for nothing righteous, and everything unrighteous. The very mendacity of the GOP to morally question the Biden Administration’s disengagement from a twenty year “messy” war in Afghanistan after never holding former President Trump accountable for any action or in action.  America does have a formal check and …

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SB1: Texas Republicans pass voter suppression law

By: Lauren Victoria Burke, NNPA Newswire Contributor On the evening of August 31, the Republican-controlled Texas Legislature passed overhaul of Texas’ election laws. The moment was the final chapter in a weeks-long saga that included Texas Democrats leaving the state to prevent the changes from passing. Donald Trump’s false claims of election fraud after his …

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Can GOP vigilantism succeed in American democracy?

Republicans are against multi-cultural democracy, and seemingly Christian Right Evangelicals and White Nationalists Terrorists only care about winning elections by any means necessary, and not protecting the democratic oriented voting process. Grievance politics and personalized White victimization have become their battle-cry. America, know this: when any nation state betrays her stated values and governing principles, …

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COMMENTARY: Graveyard Mentality

The GOP has a graveyard political governing mentality, and their governing policies are an open grave and anyone who stumbles will be buried. We all know that it is appointed for all individuals to die, and after death the judgment.

COMMENTARY: Hitlerism: Trumpism

Republicans are sick and penicillin is not the cure, because they desire to live in an entirely White country. America was never a White country because Native Americans (Indians) and Mexicans were indigenous-inhabitants of the land when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. By and large, the Republican Party has a White Privilege agenda, and the Democratic Party has an inclusive Multi-Cultural American identity agenda as profoundly displayed in President Biden’s inaugural inclusive-programmatic format.

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