September 25, 2023


COMMENTARY: The longer a lie lives, the harder it is to kill

The transmission of the pox is contagious. It often moves by community spread. Even if you observe the protocols, lies have legs and wings, often in your face, but more often slick and near invisible. The man or woman that doesn’t know that they have been infected or deny the evidence of infection is very …

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Vaccines on the way, are they safe?

Texans may soon start breathing some cautious sighs of relief as the first shipment of the coronavirus vaccine, which includes 224,250 doses to 109 Texas hospitals in 34 counties, are set to arrive on Dec. 14, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

‘Corona’ is not the holiday gift you want!

If there was ever more of a need to stress the importance of hunkering down this winter, it is now, because Texas has become the first state to surpass a million Coronavirus cases in the United States last week, as the country battled a third wave of new infections and recorded over 100,000 infections three times in less than a week.

As bars reopen, don’t be a drunk fool!

Gov. Greg Abbott announced this week that BARS and similar establishments are allowed to reopen at 50% capacity in counties with low COVID-19 hospitalizations starting Oct. 14, and while that makes many of us smile, we have to say — DON’T BE A DRUNK FOOL!

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