He’s baaack!!! Has ‘Jim Crow’ returned?

Racism is not "child's play," and President Donald Trump -- no matter how juvenile he acts -- is nothing to play with, nor is this election. But before we let you go about the business of your day (some blind to what is happening right before your eyes) we must take you through a walk in time to show you how ignorance of the past dooms you to ALLOW others to SNEAK a REPEAT on you.

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Georgia Provost: “We need a Black Agenda!”

"Right now, we as Black people need to get us an agenda and we need to discuss all of these disparities that we have in the Black community; education, healthcare and clinics, employment, parks for the youth, food, housing, economic development and the list goes on and on," Georgia Provost said.

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State Rep. Shawn Thierry calls for ‘Black Lives Matter Blvd’

Texas State Representative Shawn Thierry, of District 146, recently addressed the Houston City Council and made a special request of Mayor Sylvester Turner, Mayor Pro Tem Dave Martin, and the esteemed members of city council, asking for the painting of a street mural near "Hippy Hill" and Miller Outdoor Theater with the words "BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

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