parting the waters

Parting the Waters: Mindset for 2020 and Beyond

Over 150 years ago, Black people left slavery landless and penniless. Our families were fragile, but our compass pointed true north. We had a vision to control our destinies and chart a course of moving from plan to planet.

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Kwanza mindset for 2020: Generational wealth through ownership

In 2020 and beyond, SANKOFA requires that the emphasis must be on ownership. Ownership for families and communities. If you travel down Cullen Boulevard from Griggs Road to Sims Bayou, the chief businesses will be dozens of barber and beauty supply houses that are legitimately owned by outsiders.

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Parting the Waters: How far can you spin a false narrative?

By: Omowale Luthuli Allen For some of us, it will be impossible for you to give us a drink of muddy water and tell us that it is rainwater. For some of us gaslighting will not work. Gaslighting is a form of emotional and psychological behavior designed to manipulate and dominate. Abusers and dictators use

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