The Prince and the Panther

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Our shining prince, John Lewis, channeled a message to all peace and freedom loving citizens of America. I believed in “good trouble” after my superhero mentor Dr. Martin Luther King reinforced my core belief that life’s most pressing question was ‘what are we doing to help others?’

John was notified by an angelic host that a real-life superhero would be bringing home the star of BLACK PANTHER. Lewis softly spoke to George Floyd that Chadwick Boseman’s transitioning was almost complete.

To survive we must love and to love we must fight.”

The prince knew that Chad was aware that he paid a heavy price to get to eternal rest. Severe beatings, nightmarish threats and an anvil around his neck that said that he might not ever see his wife and family again. George Floyd had also been granted wings as big and beautiful as his smile.




Wakanda Forever is the refrain of the We Shall Overcome soundtrack for justice. Chad was always in pursuit of excellence as he exalted dignity and nobility. We now know that the real-life superhero took his powers and trekked through children’s cancer wards and touched the downhearted babies. We were clueless that he was battling colorectal cancer.

John will announce to Chad that, in this realm, they will exist as spiritual beings – no viruses-no vaccines-no cancer- no chemotherapy- no micro aggressions-no macro aggressions.

“The panther and I have no regrets about the way we have lived. We chose wisely and the infinite force of love and intelligence has beamed us into the gateway of eternity. “

John may send this message as he awaits the arrival of Chad’s soul. There is a court on this side of the mighty Jordan that is ruled by a righteous judge that sits high and looks low and is not a respecter of persons. The attempted murder of Jacob Blake Jr. will be heard in this court. In this court, Black lives matter.

Prince John and the Panther both say to those of us on Earth, “Use your superpowers to serve and keep your democracy strong. Do it without putting on a mad and suffering face. Be humble.”

As good is always present, evil is always waiting for an opportunity to pounce.


You do not have as much time left as you think. BE GRATEFUL AND IT WILL BE WELL WITH YOUR SOUL.