On Nov. 3, you decided

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Third Ward Houston Blues Great Lighting Hopkins didn’t wear a watch. Lightning decided what time it was.

On Tuesday, November 3, you decided what time it was and you decided to stand on the right side of history.

On November 3, you decided that humanity and country was more important than party.

On November 3, your diligence to remain in a long line and stare down COVID-19 to cast your vote was confirmation that you believed that free and fair elections were more important than your candidate winning.

On November 3, your conviction meant that you were in support of counting every vote and saying no to intimidation and new poll tax schemes in different garb.

On November 3, WIN-LOSE-DRAW, you decided that democracy and the soul of America was at stake.

On November 3, your voter participation spoke loudly that pre-existing conditions for health insurance must not be rolled back.

On November 3, your participation meant that you could sleep well with a pure conscience, and your head on a soft pillow that continues the tradition of supporting children and future generations.

On November 3, you were part of the push back to repudiate the Grand Ole Party’s attempt to throw out 127,000 legitimate drive-thru ballots.

On November 3, you were part of tens of millions who were a teeny-weeny bit tired of the pandemic and crazy.

If you went to sleep on November 4, you can rest knowing that when the call was given, you answered. –– AANI