A Republic Madame, if you can keep it

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As Benjamin Franklin was leaving Independence Hall in 1776, he was stopped by a woman who asked, “What have you created?” Franklin replied, “A republic if you can keep it.

It appears that tens of millions have caught the wave and are early voting in unprecedented numbers despite the efforts of our noble governor in Texas to suppress the vote. Voting is a piece of the puzzle to protect a fragile democracy that is replete with deficiencies, but still the world’s greatest democracy at work.

Now we must shoulder some additional responsibilities. As Ndugu Mtangulizi says, “we have to challenge the forces that want to dismantle this democracy. But we must act strategically and intelligently.”

Let me posit a looming scenario of November 3.  Challenger Joe Biden puts his hands together and knocks the reigning champion out of the ring. If Biden-Harris wins North Carolina and Florida, we have the makings of an electoral bloodbath. The popular vote totals will exceed the Hilary Clinton 2016 totals by four to five million. We must focus on electoral totals, and not just popular vote totals. The lesson of 2004 and 2016 is that you have to win in the combination of the right places- Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Another scenario is that we are weeks out and some may claim that the election cannot be certified because of fraud by the judges who were influenced by a corrupt public. MAGA disrupters are trying to seize an opportunity to take down the government. Domestic terrorists are up in arms about the fact that their alleged plot to capture, prosecute and murder Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan fizzled and try to create a civil insurrection.

Know that the conditions are not possible for a civil war.

Our institutions, including the FBI, held and are committed to a peaceful transfer of power. The loser of the election will be ushered out of the people’s house and be exiled to the people’s house in Communist Russia.

Our job is not done. We can’t fall victim to the looming anxiety and panic. We must continue to love and defend our families, work, live productively and joyfully and leave a legacy for future generations. At present, there is no need to stock up on ammo. Keep a two-week supply of water, grits and groceries. Fill up your car and prescriptions.  Continue to go high while the Boogaloo, Proud Boys and Q Anon go low.

There might be an “indivisible” 100 million team that is willing to go to the streets in non-violent protests to extend the revolution that Ben Franklin and John “Good Trouble” Lewis began and sustained.

Stay ready.