87 New Highway Patrol Troopers Join DPS Ranks

AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) today commissioned 87 new Texas Highway Patrol Troopers at a graduation ceremony in Austin. These new Troopers will join the ranks of thousands of commissioned DPS officers across the state. “These 87 new Troopers are now part of a legion of men and women who have

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Statement of Claude Cummings on Mass Shooting in El Paso, Texas

Every Texas heart hurts for El Paso. Senseless hate-driven murder that tears families apart in ways that will never mend has shocked and deeply saddened every community across our state. What is even more tragic is the occurrence of multiple mass shootings within a very narrow timeframe. Over a week ago, a gunman killed three

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Barber Shop Talk-Precinct One

By TJ Baker HOUSTON – Let’s go back and look at the historical perspective of Precinct One – community centers in the Black inner city neighborhoods leading to the 21st century. It was 1951 when W. Kyle Chapman won the Precinct One commissioner’s seat, the #1 hit song back then was Tony Bennett’s, “Because Of

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