Stop making excuses and get Fit4Lyfe!

As we make a laundry list of all the things we vow to change about ourselves this new year and pray for the Sweet, Black Baby Jesus to please help us lose enough weight to squeeze back into our favorite jeans, we must realize that the power is in our hands to either make positive changes or keep doing the same old undisciplined things which have lead us to where we are today.

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Get up, get out and get educated

To the ones who sit on the couch watching television almost every day, allowing time to go by, not taking advantage of the time you have to better yourself and your mind, you need to hear this public service announcement: It’s time to feed your brain!

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Acres Home resident reinvents self at age 68

“Charlie Brown” is one dapper dude. And more than his handsome outward appearance, inside he is humble, gracious and extremely grateful for the opportunity he says God has bestowed upon him. At 68 years of age, he’s reinventing himself and loving every minute of it.

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