4-Year Old Girl From Texas Sadly Dies From the Flu

Garland, TX — The family of Ashanti Grinage, a 4-year old girl from Texas, is mourning her sudden death reportedly caused by a flu virus. Ashanti’s death is the first recorded pediatric flu-related death this season in Dallas County, Texas.

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Dealing with Grief during the Holiday

HOUSTON- Recently, Mabrie Memorial Mortuary held a beautiful occasion of tribute and remembrance for the families they serviced during the year, 2018. The intent of the program was to prepare families for the emotions they may experience during the upcoming holiday season.

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From the Cradle to the Grave

As it is, African-Americans have a origin of history that dates back to centuries ago in the United States. The term “African-American” is a derivative of two countries’ inhabitants. Individuals labeled as African-Americans come from various places such as: Africa, Caribbean and West Indies.

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