Critical thinking and the vaccine

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Many of us ought to be thanking our lucky stars for our teachers, leaders and parents, thanking them for endowing us with values that have made us critical thinkers and problem solvers. They branded us with a spirit and method to challenge the world as it is, not merely as it ought to be. Because of their pedagogy, we are not building prisons for ourselves and future generations.

We really believe that TRUTH MATTERS, FACTS MATTER AND HONESTY MATTERS. This belief prevents predators from preying on us with stupid prejudices. Certainly, those of us with roots in Black life in the 50’s and 60’s will not be buying too many “wolf tickets” or be convinced that the muddy water that is being poured on us is fresh rainwater.

Departing from the beaten path, I want to ask you, “how many of you have ever been in jail?”  Don’t be so quick to say “NO, not me.”

If you are a strict anti-vaxxer, opposed to vaccines and particularly the COVID 19 vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine has arrived in Houston and the nation. Experts agree that we can get herd immunity, end this epidemic if 70% to 80% of the population acquire the vaccine.

The barrier to herd immunity is that ignorance is spreading faster than a bird flu epidemic.

The trials for this Pfizer vaccine contained 10% of black DNA. Dr. Anthony Fauci showcased a conscientious black woman scientist involved in the creation of this vaccine. This groundbreaking scientist had to be aware of the black-hearted Tuskegee syphilis experiment on black men.

In the 1700’s, African enslaved people – our ancestors – applied smallpox pus to broken skin with a thorn to inoculate against the smallpox plague. The Puritans would not accept this successful health measure because they feared it was a low-intensity plot to kill white people. Thus, we are at the intersection where falsehood marries prejudice and becomes lethal.

A sage buddy of mine is a veteran of the military and has served in a few dozen countries. He has taken hundreds of vaccines over the past three decades. Not once has he had a serious adverse reaction. To the tens of thousands of frontline healthcare workers, “thank you” to those of you who have helped calm fears about whether or not to take the vaccine.

Vaccines are our friends if we follow the science, public health experts will help us empower ourselves. Stephen Williams, Director of the City of Houston Health Department, explains that the slight reactions to the flu vaccine are indications that your body is getting ready to immunize you to fight the virus.

Think of the alternatives, what are our options? For the people who have multiple illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, and weakened immune systems, refusal of vaccination can be suicidal. I hope that their faith healer is 100%. Herman “999” Cain’s faith healer failed those who worshipped at his altar.

Stephen Williams, Dr. Fauci and former President Barack Obama will lead the way by taking the vaccine. To their credit, they will wait in line until its their turn.

In the meantime for the rest of:

1) Continue to wear masks

2) Continue to social distance

3) Continue to thoroughly wash hands

4) Take the damn vaccine when it’s time!

If you can’t acknowledge that we have a new president based on a fair election and the attainment of 270 electoral votes, it will be hard for you to acknowledge that we are facing a dark winter that is north of 300,000 Americans dead from COVID-19.

There are somethings that will send you to hell, but they won’t send you to jail.

The head exits the birth canal first for a reason.