Amanda points the way

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The Destiny of Children lies in the hands of their Parents and Leaders

First, we secure our families by securing mama and the children. Martin Delany, the father of Black nationalism said in 1859, “show me the condition of a people’s women and I will tell you the condition of that people.”

National Poet Laureate and “Little Sister” Amanda Gorman cast a spell on the world in Maya Angelou grand style with her towering poem, “The Hill We Climb.” Ms. Gorman is a cum laude college graduate and recipient of several prestigious scholarships. How did the child of a single educator mom garner such opportunity? Though she is massively talented, somebody had to cut for her and her filmmaker twin sister. With guidance and assistance from her mother, Amanda was able to overcome her speech defect and soar on eagle’s wings.

Little Sister Amanda followed her literary passion when she heard a riveting speech by Malala, the Pakistani child and youngest Nobel Laureate who survived being shot in the face and brain by the Taliban. Malala ’s cause and activism – female education and marginalization of races – served as sweet inspiration for Amanda.

Amanda’s intelligence is blinding, but more importantly, she had to make countless decisions to give her “I HAVE A DREAM” inspired supernova speech.

I am trying to say that parents and leaders must play their parts and cut for their children. Amanda and the Biden-Harris team are center stage and playing their part in building A MORE PERFECT UNION.

The long and short of this piece is that Amanda has proven that we can survive TRUMPISM by strengthening families, breaking strongholds and generational curses. Reflect on family character.

Say Amen and Wholly Holy when you finish reading of this tale of two New England families; the Jukes and the Edwards.

“Max Jukes and Jonathan Edwards both lived in the State of New York over two hundred years ago. Jonathan Edwards was a pastor and known to have at least 929 descendants. Of these, 430 were ministers, 86 became university professors, 175 wrote books, 5 were elected to the United States Congress and 2 to the Senate. One was vice president of the United States. As far as we know, the descendants of this family did not cost the state of New York one cent but contributed immeasurably to the strength of not only New York, but also of our nation.

Max Jukes was a contemporary of Jonathan Edwards who spent a good deal of his life in the prisons of New York. He did not expose his children to church, even when they wanted to go. He is known to have at least 1,026 descendants. Three hundred were sent to prison for an average of 13 years, 190 were public prostitutes and 680 were admitted alcoholics.”

One thing that we know, Amanda’s cheerleading section was led by her mother and a few hundred million in the bleachers. The destiny of our children lies in the hands of parents and leaders. CUT FOR the Amandas in Training. Stand in the Gap for the children.