Acres Home

Final farewell to ‘Mayor of Acres Home’ Ruby Mosley

“Mrs. Mosley will be irreplaceable because of what she did in the community,” said Roy Douglas Malonson, publisher of African-American News&Issues. “What concerns me the most is that as our elders, who fought for all the opportunities these millennials are benefiting from, die out, who is going to carry on our legacy?”

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Acres Home resident reinvents self at age 68

“Charlie Brown” is one dapper dude. And more than his handsome outward appearance, inside he is humble, gracious and extremely grateful for the opportunity he says God has bestowed upon him. At 68 years of age, he’s reinventing himself and loving every minute of it.

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Mrs. Ruby Mosley

By Rebecca S. Jones Ruby Lee Sanders Mosley is the oldest daughter born to Rosa Bell and Willie Sanders on April 25, 1929. Born in Mexia, Mosley is a retired educator, life-long community activist, humanitarian and a devout Christian. At the age of 16, Ruby graduated from Woodland High School. Afterwards, she became a certified

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