13 takeaways from this historic election

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What an election! What have we learned? Follow along…..

1.   A moderate white male candidate in 2016 without the unfavorables of Hilary Clinton would have beaten Trump. FBI Director James Comey made a colossal blunder in the treatment of Secretary Clinton’s e-mails in 2016.

2.  The white working class still has a blind spot. These workers were duped and suckered in 2016 and 2020. Their interests coincide with people of color but they are too “politically dumb” to know this. Let us keep in mind, POLLS do not vote.

3.  Wave a Bible upside down, sideways or face up and the evangelicals will go wimp and limp.

4.  The strongest voting bloc in America is the black community, and is led by black women. Cross black women in a national election and more than likely you will lose. Problem is that black people have not unified around a black well-being agenda. We need explanations from the 10 – 13% of black men who supported Trump.

5.  Putting kids in cages, separating families, Gestapo-types snatching and beating protesters, and just being mean will alienate you from white educated and suburban women and men. We need more time to figure out the Latino attraction to Donald Trump.

6.  Denying reality of mass deaths from COVID-19, advocating drinking Clorox and consorting with witch doctors will help you hold your base, but will prevent you from expanding with undecided and independent voters.

7.  The only thing that is more dangerous than a confused individual is a confused group of 69 million individuals. If you wanted to retain pre-existing conditions coverage guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act, why would you vote against your best candidate option?

8.  The Confederacy lives. There are too many rebels in Louisiana, rural Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, South and North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana and Missouri.

9.  The vision of Stacey Abrams and John Lewis, plus college-educated demographics liberated Georgia. Not likely in 2016, but eventually two blue and progressive senators are coming from Georgia.

10.  The Donald revealed what divides America. Greed, racism, violence, sexism, truth decay and idiocy. Trumpism did not disappear and there is a fight ahead for as long as we can see.

11.  Too many people are tired of CRAZY.

12.  All voters and people of color were not significantly hurt by the abolishing of straight ticket ballots.

13.  Black people, people of color and their allies working together can reimagine American and usher in the BELOVED COMMUNITY. The challenge of repairing the damage has begun.