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Ex-offender Discrimination

We need to talk about this population more often and come up with solutions to help them secure employment. The reality is that more and more people with criminal histories are trying to enter the work force but failed background checks keep thousands of people from getting hired, some for offenses that are decades old and as minor as disorderly conduct, drinking and having too much fun in the street with friends. Some of those being denied work have never been convicted of a crime, only arrested.

A Prayer for Texas Politics

I said a prayer for Texas because Texas has lost its way.  In the prayer I thanked my creator for sending champions that are fighting day in and out to prevent regressive public policies from driving our state into more of a hole. I prayed the majority of Texans in this state will understand that elections have consequences and unfortunately we will feel the effects of these for years to come.

Combating the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the African-American Community


As a community, we should do our part to educate ourselves. Where we complicate things is not learning and not practicing safety. We must protect ourselves because statistically, Black men and women are found to be having unprotected sex with others who have HIV/AIDS or other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and/or are sharing drug needles with someone who does.

Who Do We Blame for the Black Unemployment Crisis: The White House or Congress


A lot of politicians do a whole lot of talking, but who should be held
accountable on the Black unemployment crisis?

Why the History of The Freedom Riders & Other Civil Rights Fighters Is Important to All African-Americans

It all began in 1960, when Black college students in Greensboro, North Carolina, walked into a Woolworth’s store and sat down at the lunch counter. No doubt this sparked a campaign that spread like wildfire and successfully desegregated many businesses in big cities and little towns across the South.

The People’s Victory! The National Black United Front-Houston Headquarters Building Is Finally Paid Off!


The NBUF building in 1995

Over the years the NBUF building has provided meeting and organizing space for numerous groups, projects, causes and efforts. The facility has been used for storage and distribution of humanitarian aid following Allison, Katrina, Ike and the earthquake in Haiti.  A number of community food drives have also been implemented at the site. Providing people of African descent with proper historical and cultural information through a library, study circle and guest speakers have been a staple of the organization.

Mr. President, Osama’s Death Can Breathe New Life into Your Presidency

No longer can they wrap themselves in the flag and strut around in their ineffectual, faux patriotism while they accuse the President of the United States of “palling around with terrorists.” The quiet and effective way in which you’ve gone about carrying out America’s business clearly distinguishes who’s the adult in the room, and who’s the true American.

Release the photos for what? Just respect his word.

May 1, 2011 will go down in history as one of the greatest days ever. After ten years of trying to find bin Laden, a military raid of his compound in Pakistan, resulted in Navy Seals Special Op forces taking him out with a gunshot wound to the left side of his head.

GOP Blows It With Animal Depiction Of President Obama

In Democrat-leaning California, this is not insignificant. Orange County is one of the reddest counties in Southern California, and a traditional bastion of GOP conservatism. The Orange County Republican Party can still muster tens of thousands of votes for local, state, congressional and presidential candidates. Republican presidential candidates have beat a steady path to the county for decades to secure votes and money.

Obama showed his Birth Certificate...Now What?


Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

Last week, Obama shared the long form of his birth certificate.  The White House released a copy of a detailed Hawaii birth certificate showing that our POTUS was born to an American mother and Kenyan father, in Hawaii, which makes him eligible to hold the office of president.