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“If Your Hair Isn’t Becoming to You, You Should be Coming to Me”

Irving - She is known lovingly as Melva Williams “The Healthy Hair Specialist” all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex because of her passion for sharing information about proper hair care.

Her business, Something Special Styling Salon, is a women only salon that offers a wide range of beauty services.

The styling salon is located at 2117 W Airport Fwy#30 in Irving, Tx 75062, off Hwy 183 in Irving by the old Texas Stadium.

“Our stylists are trained in the latest trends, updated styles and very knowledgable about hair. Our hairstylists and beauty specialists are ready to indulge you. because we are here to serve you.” said Owner Melva Williams. “We give each client a one on one consultation to make sure they are educated on exactly what the hair needs to obtain and maintain it’s health.”


Something Special Styling Salon hair care professionals are up to date on the latest hair styles and trends. We also offers a wide range of services from sew weaves & extensions, soft up do’s, short & sassy, locks & twists, natural hair transitioning, childrens services, prom hairstyles, wedding party specials, teachers specials, precision cutting, highlights and lowlights, healthy hair consultations, make up, lashes, on site photo shoots and much more.

Professional Experience

Williams has worked in the beauty and fashion industry for over 24 years. Her experience includes  over a decade of background research and training in professional relaxers, product knowledge, healthy hair consultation, styling services, healthy weaves technique, natural hair transition and precision cutting.

Williams hosts formal and informal seminars where she shares a wealth of information to the general public with the goal of empowering women when it comes to caring for their hair properly.

Melva Williams has researched what it takes to have a healthy head of hair, what it takes to get a persons hair to grow and how to track down issues with problem hair.

She teaches these things to the stylist that are under her to ensure that everyone has all the information needed to help every woman that we style.

The focus of her seminar sessions usually includes providing information on general hair care and physical health to include diet, exercise, stress, hydration, medication, hormones which are often overlooked but have a great impact on the health of one hair.

Williams shares a few key notes when considering women’s hair and health:

1. How over exercising builds up testosterone and thins out womens hair.

2. When some women are going through hormonal issues they don’t feel a need to take medication but that change effects their hair.

3. Stress is one of the #1 cause of hair loss, there are 3 main stress factors.

4. Women who have Iron deficiency but are not properly taking their iron or not enough will have problems with thinning hair.

5. Even after you have gone to the Salon and your hair is clean and your scalp continues to itch and you are drinking plenty of water. You could be low on vitamin D, when you have your yearly done always ask for vitamin levels.

6. It is impossible to have healthy hair if you do not drink water, you must hydrate yourself.

7. There are medications and environmental influences that cause hair loss.

8. Dietary factors that cause hair loss anorexia and weight loss surgery. How you really are what you eat, and it is affecting your hair.

9. There are foods that can aide in hair growth. Foods with B vitamins.

“The healthy hair seminars empower women to care for their hair properly and make women aware with medical issues and hair issues that are related to help them connect the dots,” she said.

Williams has also won several awards for her work and is currently working on a book dealing with  hair care for women.


Something Special Styling Salon is open on: Monday – Friday from 9am-10pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 5pm.  She is closed on Wednesday & Sunday.

“Our professional haircare team is here to make sure that your experience is a satisfying one,” she said. “We look forward to hearing what you have in mind for your look and bring fourth your vision.”

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  1. janeleonard

    Great to hear about the styling salon. I wish I could get a shiny, bouncy hair that improves my persona. What is more unique that makes your salon approachable at?

  2. Melva Williams

    I would like to thank you for taking the time write this article on my salon and research I really appreciate it very much. It is only through avenues like this that I can truly reach more women and help them connect the dots that their medical issues and hair issues are related. Also through the research I was able to formulate my own hair care treatment Jeannie In A Bottle that has many women to restore their hair. You can order through the website

    Thank you,

    Melva Williams

  3. China Williams

    Hi Melva, so glad to see this article ,what a blessing!!! I must say you’re a great stylist,when i first came to you my hair needed some work and you reassured me that you would take care of my hair. It’s been 3months now and my hair is so healthy and beautiful. You also educated me on hydrating my body to help hydrate my hair even though im still working on that lol. Thanks for my healthy hair.

    1. melva williams

      Thank you China Williams fir your response and for taking the time to read the article in spry of me and the newspaper. I appreciate when clients follow the instructions that they are given because it only through teamwork from stylist and client that you get the greatest results.
      I appreciate your business and your sisterhood.
      Thank you,

      Melva Williams

  4. Activist/Filmmaker Ricky Jason of the award winning doc. Byrd The Life & Tragic Death Of James Byrd Jr.

    keep up the good work sister


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