“Open Season” Police Killings Proves It’s Time to Police The Police

MrBy Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher

The shooting of 93-year old Pearlie Golden, lovingly known as “Miss Sulie” by a Hearne Texas Police officer and the shooting death of Jordan Baker in Houston by off duty HPD officer and the shooting of Michael Blair in his Richmond home by a Fort Bend Sheriff Deputy calls for Blacks to stand up and demand action on Policing the Police.

We MUST UNDERSTAND that in Texas there is little accountability for police killing citizens and grand juries are reluctant to indict police officers when they kill us.

Startling statistics from the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement shows that nearly 50-percent of cases where Black citizens are shot and killed by police happens because the police officer “feels threatened”.

His subjective feelings are making permanent life changing decisions for unarmed citizens. Decisions that cannot be reordered or undone.

These are killings that do not have to happen and someone needs to hold the police accountable by law for murdering innocent citizens or deciding to deny them their constitutional rights or day in court by killing them.

Cases and complaints have been filed and are piling up in departments across this state involving officers using deadly force, excessive force, tasers and even beating citizens to the point of death or needing serious medical treatment and rehabilitation.

The issues in these cities raises serious questions about whether police have “chips” on their shoulders. It also seems that their alleged “rage,” brutal treatment and harsh words are targeted at African Americans, Hispanics and other minorities groups.

It is alarming that Black citizens too have the additional worry of attacks at the hands of police in places like Houston, Fort Worth, Highland Park, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and other “po-dunk” little towns that never reach the state and national headlines.

We MUST UNDERSTAND that there is something wrong with this picture when unarmed civilians citizens are exposed to abuse, hurt, harm and danger at the hands of those who are suppose to protect and serve.

The television show “Cops” is meant to entertain, but it gives a mini-bird’s eye view into the kinds of abuses and treatment citizens receive at the hands of the law.

We trust police to do their jobs within the confines of the laws we all follow.

It is obvious something is occurring in police departments that political leaders in major cities, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and small cities like Bellaire, Richmond and Hearne are ignoring.

It is far worse than racial profiling. It is flat, downright abuses of the badge!!!!

When you see a police car, it is suppose to be a sign of safety and security. You do not expect hidden psychological agendas, prejudices or people driving around with personal scores to settle on our streets. Police officers say they want respect. Well, the best way to do that is to respect the total rights of citizens and not overreact to every situation.

Escalating a situation, hurting or killing someone or making things worse because you have a badge is uncalled for and disrespectful. There is a lot of pressure fighting crime, but that does not have to boil over into the lives of innocent people.

African Americans and Hispanics should be able to have confidence walking in neighborhoods or businesses without being targeted for torment, death or terrorized by some policeman having a bad day or who lives with some personal demons, stereotypes and prejudices.

It is time to face the facts that some of those who take oaths to protect and serve actually are going far beyond the norms of law in arresting, restraining and detaining some citizens.

As the casualties, injuries and death tolls mount in these cases, when will the public demand accountability and say No More!!!

Investigations by the Texas Rangers and monitoring by the FBI is not enough.

We MUST Understand that the policies of killing citizens, abusing taxpaying citizens and profiling Blacks and other minorities must stop now in every police departments across Texas.

There must be grand jury accountability and officers must be held to the same codes of justice and law that the average Joe is required to uphold.

It is time to Police The Police.


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  1. Mark
    September 25, 2014 at 2:44 pm - Reply

    AMEN! I am a white, upper middle class professional and family man in his late 30s who has never been in trouble with the law beyond the infrequent speeding ticket, and even I am terrified of police these days, so I can only imagine how black people feel. It HAS gotten worse, there is no doubt about it. Back when I was a cocky teenager with a lead foot and my share of speeding tickets, it seems every single interaction I had with police officers was civil and respectful. They all had the calm, professional Joe Friday “just the facts, ma’am” demeanor. They calmly walked toward the car and simply asked for my paperwork, asked if there was any reason I needed to be speeding, an emergency, etc., and when I said no (I’m not going to lie or make an excuse when I know I’m in the wrong), they handed me the ticket and told me to have a good day. As I understand it from my black friends, they almost never had this kind of benign experience with police as teenagers. Well, I guess true equal treatment is finally here, because the last two routine traffic stops I had one for going 10 miles over the limit (which I was not) and one for “going the wrong way on a divided highway” (I turned left into a parking lot through a cutthrough in the median with no sign saying I couldn’t make a left turn there – I will be fighting that in court), the officers jumped out of the car, hand on gun, the latter officer screamed at me “what the @#$% is the problem?!?!?”, both officers were visibly extremely agitated, and I was concerned for my life, fearful that if I made one move they decided looked like me reaching for a gun, I would have been shot. I say “equal treatment is finally here”, but I know, looking at the case of Michael Brown, etc, that as bad as white people have it, black people have it even worse, have it even worse than they used to in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, starting to approach how they had it before the 60s. Despite the fact that crime is the lowest it has been in 45 years, police work is the safest it has been in decades, police these days are amped up, and have this “do whatever it takes to get home alive” mentality, which means “shoot first, ask questions later.” Police work isn’t nearly as dangerous as police officers make it out to be, it’s less dangerous than being a garbage collector or a roofer, so there is no justification for this mentality, which basically says that a police officer’s life is more important than a civilian’s. Police have become increasingly more militarized in their dress, equipment, tactics, and mindset, and it is frightening. Just know this is not a black vs white issue, or a conservative vs liberal issue. Plenty of white conservatives are just as concerned about increasing use of unjustified force by police, and hopefully we can all work together to reign in these reckless cowboys.

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