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“What we’re seeing when it’s a black person, the bias kicks in that they’re aggressive, and that they can be violent. The officer’s bias kicks in, and he begins to accelerate this scenario in a way that shouldn’t be.”- DeLacy Davis, founder of Black Cops Against Police Brutality



HOUSTON- The public release of a dashcam video depicting the shooting of Philando Castile by a Minnesota police officer is an omen that relations between the community and police are moving in the wrong direction and likely to get far worse.

The video and report by Police Officer and shooter Jeronimo Yanez both demonstrate a lack of respect for the lives of Black males and is indicative of the overall attitudes that have evolved in police departments around the United States.

“There is no move to fix this and the worst is yet to come,” said the Hon. Robert S. Muhammad, Nation of Islam Southwest Regional Student Minister, Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in Houston.

“There is no justice for us. The deck is stacked against us. There are also elements in police forces that are racist and have the tendencies to kill us (Blacks).”

With the cases piling up of Black men and women being gunned down by police at alarming rates and the failure of the justice system to indict and convict police officers, it leaves many scratching heads about the lack of concrete and constructive dialog and action to stop the bloodletting.


Death in Seattle

One of the latest shootings reported is in Seattle Washington. This police shooting left Charleena Lyles, a pregnant mother of three, dead. The two Seattle police officers had been called to Lyles’ apartment so she could report a burglary.

According to reports, there was some interactions between Lyles and police prior to the shooting. Before the shooting, there was an alleged commotion lasting about 16 seconds, and then police fired the gunshots that killed her.

Investigators are now looking more closely at whether the officers could have done more to de-escalate the situation.

So far, 416 people have been shot by police in 2017.  Only Black newspapers, talk shows, family members and supporters are sounding off on the senseless bloodshed and lack of concern for Black lives on the part of police.

Crying and grieving parents petition the public for changes, but the appeals fall on deaf ears. That gives way to anger, riots and uncalled for retaliation against police because leaders are not leading or moving to stop the killings.

“You can’t reform or retrain a reprobate and racist mind,” Muhammad said. “This is a race war and has been underway for 500 years and the goal is to wipe us out ( Blacks) by any means necessary.”

Yanez had fatally shot Philando Castile, who worked for a nearby school, during a traffic stop outside the Twin Cities.  The officer said Castile kept moving even though he told him not to, reaching down and putting his hand on something.


Transcript Snapshots Officer Atttiudes

In the video, which is less than two minutes, Yanez initially approaches Castile for having a taillight out in his car. Castile tells the officer he has a firearm, and is warned by Yanez to not pull it out. Castile says he is not, yet Yanez starts yelling and allegedly grabs for his gun, shooting Castile seven times.

Yanez was recently acquitted of manslaughter for shooting Castile, and was offered a voluntary separation agreement from the local police department.

Appearing on News One Now, Howard University professor Greg Carr, Ph.D., J.D Carr said it’s clear that the not-guilty decision was fueled by the negative bias towards African Americans from law enforcement. “Juries are put in difficult positions because the prosecution, including the judge, are against black people. We’re not baffled – we’re outraged. The bottom line is this – you’re looking at a country that is terrified of black people, has always been terrified of black people. This is not going to be solved in the courts.”

What is more disturbing is Yaniz explanation which still is not a reason to kill Castile.


According to Yanez, before he opened fire, Castile kept moving his hand. From the transcript:

“I, believe I continued to tell him don’t do it or don’t reach for it and he still continued to move. And, it appeared to me that be had no regard to what I was saying. He didn’t care what I was saying. He still reached down. … And, at that point I, was scared and I was, in fear for my life and my partner’s life. And for the little girl in the back and the front seat passenger and he dropped his hand down and, can’t remember what I was telling him but I was telling something as his hand went down I think. And, he put his hand around something. And his hand made like a C shape type um type shape and it appeared to me that he was wrapping something around his fingers and almost like if I were to put my uh hand around my gun like putting my hand up to the butt of the gun.”

Police Panic Deadly

That part of the transcript is eye opening and says it all. “ I was scared”

Scared of what? So Black men are being shot, killed and murdered because a police officer is “scared”

during a simple traffic stop trouble call in the Black neighborhood.

“First of all, the officer panicked. The split-second decision making that police officers have to make in a shoot/don’t shoot scenario – he accelerated it instead of de-escalating it. When you look at his partner on the sidewalk he seems as though he’s in a whole other video, because he doesn’t react as an officer who sees or feels or believes that there’s a threat that is imminent,” according to DeLacy Davis, founder of Black Cops Against Police Brutality and a civil rights attorney. Davis, who appeared on News One Now and Roland S. Martin, is extremely troubled over the video and the overall attitudes of police toward Blacks.

Nekima Levy-Pounds agreed. “It was baffling to know that the jury watched this particular video over and over and over again and still came to the conclusion that Yanez was not guilty in this particular scenario,” she said. “Beyond that, Philando Castile went above and beyond what the law requires in even reporting that he had a firearm – that’s actually not required under the law in the state of Minnesota.”

Levy-Pounds is former president of the Minneapolis Chapter of the NAACP.



Muhammad makes it clear that  one way to stop the killing is to reduce encounters with police.

It becomes obvious that these meetings with police on traffic stops or trouble calls are increasingly a problem as many Blacks end up dead, just calling in for the ones who are support to be sworn to “Protect and Serve” all citizens.

“It is time for us to patrol our own streets and communities,” he said. “It is up to us to make the places where we live safer and decent to live. You reduce the contact with police and you reduce the incidents of deadly violence against us.”

He also added that Blacks must wake up to the realities of the race environment and climate we live in and take steps to be as asset to the solution over being a liability and contributing to the demise of the Black community.

Recent Houston crime reports and attacks saw the untimely and tragic deaths of two young Black infants killed at the hands of Black men committing crimes in the neighborhood.

“It is sad to see that some of us are helping the situation with the homegrown violence we commit against one another,” Muhammad said. “We must depend on ourselves and the guidance from God to help save ourselves from this great judgment that is upon us.”

By: Darwin Campbell






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William H. Cosby Jr.- Remember The Good in This Great Legend Wed, 21 Jun 2017 15:57:14 +0000
By: Darwin Campbell
Author of column series “The Black Whisperer”

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”Comedian Bill Cosby

When it comes to Comedian Bill Cosby, Black America needs to remember his positive contributions to Black culture.

Cosby’s trial in Pennsylvania on rape charges ended with a hung jury, but what is troubling is how people are hung up on the witch hunt and failing to respect the life and body of work of an outspoken Black icon.


The Cosby Factor

Growing up, admittedly I watched and was influenced by shows he produced and that played a  partial and valuable role in the Black man that I am today.

It was critical growing up without a father to see a positive Black role model like Cosby providing some key information about surviving the streets, making positive decisions and ways to enjoy childhood without drugs, gangs or violence.


 Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

During each episode, Fat Albert and his friends (aka The Junkyard Gang), dealt with an issue or problem commonly faced by young urban children, ranging from stage fright, first loves, medical operations,  hygiene to more serious themes (though toned down for younger children) including vandalismstealingracism, smoking, being scammed by con artistssexually transmitted diseaseschild abusekidnapping, drug use, gun violence and death.

At the end of most episodes (with some exceptions in the case of particularly serious themes), the gang would sing a song about the theme of the day.

The lessons of life that Cosby shared are priceless and great for this generation today that seems to be living life without a solid moral compasses to guide them through difficult middle school and high school years.

It is unfortunate that the emphasis of the media is on targeting and vilifying Black role models who have stumbled in life. Let me be the one to note that plenty of White role models and leaders have “dark” and questionable pasts, ie King David,  President Donald Trump, Actor Errol Flynn, Actor Rock Hudson, Singer Curt Cobain, Filmmakers and Producers Roman Polanski and Woody Allen to name a few


Unapologetic Trailblazer

Cosby’s positives helped shaped a lot of lives of millions in the post 1970s- 1980s era and that influence continues to help some navigate through some of life’s biggest challenges. He embraced being Black and relished his role in reshaping thinking about Black people.

Cosby’s work is still useful instruction for generation in need of moral and spiritual development. It still holds little life gems and never used inappropriate words spoke in blue or negative stereotypical dialects. He was just simple funny in a respectable way. Parents could even let the children listen.

Let us not forget his role as a trailblazer in comedy and for helping to lift the negative stigma against Black men that helped opened the door for many Black television and movie stars today.

Cosby Notables

In the 1960s, his stand-up act was a coast-to-coast sensation, spawning a string of hilarious, best-selling comedy albums, which went on to win eight Gold Records, five Platinum records and five Grammy Awards.

His role on TV’s I Spy made him the first African-American to co-star in a dramatic series, breaking television’s racial barrier and winning three Emmy Awards.

In the 1980s, he again rocked the television world with the The Cosby Show, a gentle, whimsical and hugely successful series that single-handedly revived the family sitcom and brought back a faltering NBC television network.

Like it or not, its portrayal of an upper-middle-class black family, the show was uplifting and inspirational for African-Americans because it gave us hope that I could dream, set goals and achieve great things, as well as shed light on how Black men and women could be the example of family together and raise children together in a positive light. That had a great influence on how I shaped my thinking and I have raised six children successfully.

Also, with hit movies like Uptown Saturday Night and best-selling books like Fatherhood, Cosby is simply a national treasure with the unique ability to touch people’s hearts.

Cosby will always be known as one of the great Black teachers, stand-up comedians and actors of his time. May the positive lessons be remembered and retaught for many generations to come


Whispering Wisdom

Cosby’s public successes span five decades and virtually all media, totally remarkable accomplishments for a kid who emerged from poor humble beginnings. He is a great example to follow.

We all have sinned and made mistakes and bad decisions from time to time.

Don’t let the White media destroy the positive image of a Black man whose body of work is far greater than a few issues with women in his personal life.

“He who is without sin…Cast the First Stone…..”


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Community Gathers to Search Door-to-Door for Young 20 Year-old Woman Missing from GreensPoint Tue, 20 Jun 2017 22:20:30 +0000 “I believe we must all come together and search for Shapammala because one missing daughter is one too many.” says Pastor E. A. Deckard

HOUSTON, TX – A missing daughter from the Houston Area shocks the local community. An anguished family and their pastor are hoping a public appeal will bring Ms. Shapammala Buckner safely home.

Pastor E. A. Deckard, Derick Muhammad of the No More Bloodshed Movement, the family of missing Shapammala Buckner, 20, and other concerned citizens of the local community will gather today at 6:00 p.m. at Forest Pointe Apartments: 13030 Northborough Dr., Houston, TX 77067 to host a press conference and aide in the search for Ms. Buckner. After the press conference, the community plans to go door-to-door searching for Ms. Buckner.

Missing person was last seen on 05/21/17 at her apartment complex located at 13030 Northborough Dr, The Forest Pointe Apartments. The missing person has not been seen or heard from since. If seen or located please contact the Houston Police Missing Persons Unit.

WHO: Parents of Missing Daughter & Community Leaders

WHAT: Press Conference and Search

WHEN: June 20, 2017

WHERE: Forest Pointe Apartments – 13030 Northborough Dr., Houston, TX 77067

TIME: 6:00pm

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LIGHT SKIN VS DARK SKIN – The Hidden Divide Mon, 19 Jun 2017 17:44:54 +0000
Since the days of slavery, skin color has been used as a tool of separation and preferential treatment within the black community. The residue of the “house” versus “field Negro” divide has long remained with us, even as we celebrated black pride in the ’70s and hip-hop culture in the ’80s. House slaves were usually products of a relationship between a master and a female slave, so they tended to have lighter skin.

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Juneteenth @ Emancipation Park Fri, 16 Jun 2017 18:51:58 +0000

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George Wright Stepping Down as President of Prairie View A&M University Fri, 16 Jun 2017 15:09:27 +0000 COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Dr. George Wright announced today he is stepping down as President of Prairie View A&M University and will return to teaching history full-time after an interim President is named.

“I have served this University and the Texas A&M System for 14 years, and I am proud of the progress that we have made in that time,” Dr. Wright said. “But for all of us, the time comes to lay down the responsibilities that go with a job like this one and focus on other things.”

Dr. Wright had continued to teach and do research while serving as President, but he expressed a desire to devote his time to the classroom.

“I want to thank President Wright for his steadfast leadership,” said Texas A&M System Chancellor John Sharp. “He touched a generation of students and faculty, and he changed lives for the better. He is to be commended, and we will miss him greatly.”

During President Wright’s tenure, Prairie View A&M’s enrollment grew from 6,500 to 9,000 while the university advanced academically, creating doctorates in education, engineering, nursing practice and juvenile justice. Both the Confucius Institute and the Honors College were also established under President Wright’s leadership.

Prairie View A&M also has enjoyed a construction boom with the opening of: a new School of Architecture building; the Don K. Clark Building, home of the College of Juvenile Justice, Psychology and Texas Crime Prevention Center; the Electrical Engineering building; the College of Nursing’s 12-story facility located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston; and new football stadium.

“I want to thank the Board of Regents of The Texas A&M University System, Chancellor Sharp, and especially, all my many friends and colleagues at this great University and our many alumni for helping make this the best 14 years anyone could ask for,” said Dr. Wright.

Statement by Dr. George Wright

After giving it a considerable amount of thought and consulting with Chancellor Sharp, I am announcing that I am stepping down as President of Prairie View A&M University as soon as an interim President can be named.

I have served this University and the Texas A&M System for 14 years, and I am proud of the progress that we have made in that time. But for all of us, the time comes to lay down the responsibilities that go with a job like this one and focus on other things. In my case, as most of you know, I have continued to teach and do research while serving as President.

What I plan to do is focus more on my research, which requires more travel and attention than I can give it in my current role.

I have decided that this is a good time because we have just put the last legislative session behind us, and we are at a point where a transition in leadership will have the least disruption on our school.

I want to thank the Board of Regents of The Texas A&M University System, Chancellor Sharp, and especially, all my many friends and colleagues at this great University and our many alumni for helping make this the best 14 years anyone could ask for.

Together, we have accomplished much:



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South Texas College Receives $223,109 Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) Grant Fri, 16 Jun 2017 14:45:00 +0000 The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has awarded South Texas College a $223,109 a Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) grant. The grant will help the college purchase and install equipment to provide 150 students with training for careers in the medical profession as licensed practical and vocational nurses.

The JET program provides funding for equipment to eligible educational institutions for the purpose of developing career and technical education courses and may include courses offering dual-credit and technical education programs. The equipment must be used to train students in high-demand occupations.

TWC Commissioner Representing Employers Ruth R. Hughs will present a check to representatives from South Texas College at a 1 p.m. ceremony to be held in room 101 on the Nursing and Allied Health Campus at 1101 E. Vermont in McAllen.

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HIPAA Notification: Accidental Loss of Clients’ Personal Information in Houston Area Fri, 16 Jun 2017 14:13:43 +0000 The Health and Human Services Commission is notifying people about the accidental loss of protected personal information. The breach may affect 1,842 people in the Houston area.

A box of forms containing client information was found beside an unsecured dumpster in Houston at the E. 40th St. complex, an eligibility office.

The lost forms contained confidential information including names, client numbers, dates of birth, case numbers and phone numbers. Other potential information includes mailing addresses, Social Security numbers, health information and bank account numbers.

We are providing one year of free credit monitoring services to individuals who have been affected by this privacy breach. If you believe you may have been affected, you may call 1-855-904-5740 toll-free and speak to an investigator or visit

HHSC is committed to ensuring that our clients’ confidential information is secure. The agency is investigating this event and taking steps to secure confidential information and reduce the chances of this event happening again. HHSC is reviewing its processes and procedures for disposing of and destroying documents that contain private information, and making any changes needed to prevent this type of event in the future.

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GOV. ABBOTT SIGNS BILL TO ENFORCE REPORTING OF OFFICER-INVOLVED SHOOTINGS Thu, 15 Jun 2017 14:17:52 +0000 Austin, TX – House Bill 245, authored by Representative Eric Johnson (D-Dallas), was signed into law today by Governor Greg Abbott.  The new law creates a civil penalty for law enforcement agencies that fail to report officer-involved shootings and peace officer injuries and deaths to the Office of the Attorney General.  The law will go into effect on September 1, 2017.

“I applaud Governor Abbott for signing House Bill 245 into law.  As the former chief law enforcement officer for the State of Texas, I know he appreciates the importance of transparency and accountability in policing,” said Representative Johnson.

“This legislation goes a long way towards my goal of making Texas the best state in the nation when it comes to collecting data on fatal interactions between civilians and law enforcement,” Johnson added.

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John Scroggins: Allegiance Bank’s Senior Vice President Community Development Lender Thu, 15 Jun 2017 13:51:08 +0000 June 15, 2017.  George Martinez, Chief Executive Officer of Allegiance Bank announced John Scroggins joined Allegiance Bank as Senior Vice President Community Development Lender. Scroggins is an experienced community banker with over 37 years of banking experience in the Houston market. Martinez said, “We are very pleased that John has joined our lending team at Allegiance Bank.  John brings tremendous experience and energy to our program.  He has access to an attractive market segment that fits perfectly with our commercial banking focus.  We look forward to serving the many customers who have experienced the great service that John provides.”

During his career, Scroggins has been an active community leader in various organizations. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Huston Tillotson University, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at First United Methodist Church, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Third Coast Community Development Corporation. Currently, Scroggins is a member of the Community Depository Institution’s Advisory Committee (CDIAC) for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Scroggins earned his B.S. and his MBA from Texas Southern University.

Allegiance Bank provides a diversified range of commercial banking services primarily to Houston metropolitan area-based small to medium-sized businesses and individual customers.  Allegiance’s unique super-community banking strategy was designed to foster strong customer relationships while benefiting from a platform and scale that is competitive with larger local and regional banks.  Allegiance Bank operates 16 full-service banking locations and one loan production office in the Houston metropolitan area.  Allegiance Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allegiance Bancshares, Inc., a $2.59 billion asset Houston, Texas-based bank holding company, as of March 31, 2017.  Visit for more information.


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